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Make sure your power cord is firmly plugged into both the back of the TV and the power outlet. Check the power button on the side of the TV and make sure it is ON. If you are trying to turn on your TV using the remote control and it does not turn on make sure you are using new batteries and that they are inserted properly. On Universal Remote controls, first press the "TV" button on remote control, and then press the POWER button.
This usually means the incorrect Source has been selected, Press the Source Button to select the correct Source.
Make sure all cables are firmly connected into your television and your external AV sources. After you have made all connections, press the INPUT or SOURCE button on either the TV or the remote and choose the correct source. Make sure your cable, satellite, or set-top box is turned on. If these steps fail, try a different set of cables.
This is due to the aspect ratio. An increasing amount of digital TV programming and movies are presented in wide screen (16:9). • To change the appearance of the screen press the Aspect button and cycle through the options and select the one that best fits your TV.
Please call our Customer Support team at 1-855-922-8963 to receive a replacement part.
Make sure you are using new batteries and that they are inserted correctly. Make sure you are operating the remote within range of TV.
Basically, HDMI input can be accepted HDMI 1.4 signal. To use 4K/60FPS display, Please change EDID 1.4 to EDID 2.0 according to below procedure. Press “menu”à”Setup”àChange EDID switch as “EDID 2.0”. In normal case, we recommend to use EDID 1.4
Please find your TV Serial no# and production month.
If your TV was produced before Jan.2018, then click below link and find matched s/w and download ZIP file.
In each Zip file, it is included instruction guide.
If you download wrong firmware, it can make your TV damaged permanently.
According to instruction, please update firmware in your TV.