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Residents of California
For Residents of California California’s eRecycle Fee- a small price to pay to protect our environment: When you purchase a new TV or computer monitor, you will be charged a recycling fee of $3-$7, depending on screen size. This new state law is designed to help create the nation’s first eRecycling program. We’ll keep harmful materials from millions of discarded electronic devices from ending up in landfills- and ultimately in our water supplies. So for a few dollars, we can each help protect California’s environment, and keep our land, water, and people healthy. For more information, visit  www.erecycle.org


Residents of Maine
Maine’s Electronic Waste Law: Beginning January 1, 2006, all waste televisions generated by households in Maine must be recycled. Please contact your local municipality for information about how and where to recycle your television sets and other electronic devices in your area. For more information about Maine’s electronic waste law, please visit the Maine Department of Environmental Protection website at www.maine.gov/dep/rwm/ewaste/index.htm.


Residents of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota, Indiana, Illinois, North Carolina, South Carolina, New York, New Jersey, Wisconsin and Hawaii.
We work with Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations to provide Recycling opportunities for your used Electronics. We encourage you to first consider Reuse of your old working electronics by another group or non-profit organization. If your product is at the end of its useful life, please contact Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations via website http://www.thinkdynamic.com/ to find a drop-off location nearest to you: Or you can call Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations at 1-877-781-4030 for further information regarding drop-off locations in your area.


Residents of West Virginia, Hawaii and Wisconsin 
We offer a Pre-Paid FedEx shipping label for you to send your Television back to our warehouse facility for recycling. Please call our toll free number 855 922 8963 to receive shipping label & instruction on how to recycle your Atyme TV.